Anthony Stigle. Born 1962. Maidstone. Kent.

Anthony developed an interest in ceramics and sculpture while at school in the 1970s After leaving school he continued his interest at a local pottery studio in Loose Kent, This studio building was shared with a professional photographer and Anthony’s interests moved to commercial photography where he has spent most of his 30 year career in both Police Photography and as the proprietor of an established studio in Maidstone undertaking commercial, social and aviation photography on  national and international commissions.

The change to the photography industry and due to personal circumstances Anthony worked on occasions at Chatham Historic Dockyard as a tour guide. Chatham had been a Royal Dockyard for over 400 years building over 400 ships and submarines for the Royal Navy. It is now a trust that has preserved ships, boats and submarines, as well as extensive collections and shipbuilding tools and artefacts.  It was here that Anthony’s interest in capturing the spirit of preserved ships using sculpture that has led to the production of these works. Using mostly reclaimed materials and driftwood Anthony produces both free standing sculptures and mixed media wall hung unique originals.