Tony Stigle at Sloman & Pettitt Photography

Sloman & Pettitt Photography

Sloman & Pettitt was established in c1946 by Maidstone Photographers Ron Sloman & Brian Pettitt. The current proprietor, Tony Stigle took over the company in 1998. The business was in Maidstone High Street. It was moved to London Road, Maidstone and then to Service House, Aylesford.

The Studio Closed in 2006 and in March 2020 Tony moved to East Devon where he trades from a home office.

Tony Stigle

Tony first worked as an assistant to Jeremy McCabe, who was a staff photographer for Pictor International Colour Library. This gave him experience in studio and location with all camera formats from 35mm to  5"x4" and 10"x8".

In 1986, he took employment as a photographic officer with Kent Police where he gained experience in technical darkroom photography, copy camera operation, studio, location and forensic photography. This role also required proficiency in social photography, portraiture and aerial photography.

From 1987 to 1994 he was a SOCO (CSI) this is the operational side of police photography. Tony was responsible for the operation of large and medium format cameras at scenes that included burglaries, fatal traffic accidents, fires and industrial accidents, sudden or suspicious deaths, wounding etc. Accuracy was essential to record incidents and ultimately to attend court hearings to present photographs that may have been crucial in the case for the prosecution.

In 1994 Tony returned to the photographic department to enhance his experience in forensic photography by then using many more techniques that had been developed including Quasars and a Visual Spectral Comparator. He was also responsible for C41 and RA4 processing to the Kodak Q-Lab standard.

In 1998, he took over Sloman and Pettitt Photography. Due to the changing nature of the client group, and the introduction of digital photogtaphy the studio closed.

Tony Stigle at Sloman & Pettitt has been taken around the world with commissions in Tanzania, South Africa, Hungary, Malta and France.


Tony's knowledge of photography & wealth of experience shines through in his work.

©Tony Stigle