Trelowen Chocolates


Chocolates that will take you to your happy place.

as Trelowen is Cornish language for "Happy Place"



Jonathan has been professional chef for 12 years.


Jonathan’s first appointment was in a prodigious Italian restaurant in Padstow in south west UK where he was employed by a well know celebrity chef.  Soon he moved to that chefs Michelin starred restaurant in the town.


He has become well skilled in all aspects of cooking but his true passion is pastry and desserts!

Jonathan has always enjoyed creating and perfecting flavours specialising in confectionery.


In 2015 Jonathan joined Royal Navy as a Chef.  This continuing military service has developed his skills in the galleries and kitchens of both operational ships and shore based units.  Jon has been on deployments around the world from the Americas to the Black Sea. As a Chef on the Royal Navy’s flagship, frigates and survey ships he has been personally responsible, or part of a team, that are responsible for production of food at the highest standard. Presenting catering for senior officers and their guests who can often be significant members of the political and business community in the ports they visit.  


This military service is a fitting discipline that insures not only delicious products that are professionally made and presented but also ensures a commitment to extremely high standard of customer service.